Monday, June 18, 2012

Craftiness is Contagious

I have been feeling very crafty lately.  This is not unusual for me, but usually my crafts have a common theme or purpose.  But lately, I have been all over the board.  And instead of only working on one or two projects at the time, I am working or thinking about 6 or 7 projects.  I am all over the place, and I have my hands in all kinds of things.  I have set aside some time this week to get some crafting done, so expect some scattered posts detailing my adventures. 
I saw this idea last week.  I have really been interested in up cycling lately.  I decided this was the perfect first project.   We all have old magazines laying around.  We pay for the subscriptions, but after reading them one.  We are done with them.  What do you do with them? Yes, of course you can recycle or throw away.  But I am a little frugal, and I wasn’t quite ready to let go of them.  So I tore them up.

And then I picked out the most colorful pages, and I folded them up again and again.

Then I taped those together, and begun to wind them in a circle.  I kept doing this and I kept doing this.   You have to roll it tight, but not to tight.  This is the most frustrating part...

Once you get the size of circle you want or you get tired of folding and taping.  Start to coax the bowl upwards.  (Or leave it as a trivet, or do smaller ones as a coaster).  You should be very careful with this step or you will pull it too far and end up with a mess.
Then I use some Mod Podge to seal it.  I will probably do another coat this evening.

Let Dry.  And you have a one a kind piece of artwork.  I think this turned our really well. 

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