Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Me and Myrna Hitting the Town

So I have been taking Myrna on some dates.  We’ve been spotted hob-knobbing at JoAnns.
From previous posts, you know that my sewing machine is named Myrna.  We have had a hate/love relationship but I think I can safely say that the hate half of that is definitely in the past. 
A little trivia for you, September is National Sewing Month. So Lizzy and I signed up for two sewing classes at Joann’s at half price. We signed up for a Basics Class and a Lazy Pants class.
The Basics class was full, and I quickly realized that Myrna and I had made it a lot further than some of the other people in the class.   But still I learned quite a bit that day.  All about pattern envelopes, how to correctly set my machine, different stitches, etc.  I felt like Myrna and I bonded a little that day.
The Lazy Pants class was this past Saturday.  To say I was nervous was a bit of an understatement.  I had tried to work on a pattern before, and I ended up confused. Very confused.  After the money I had spent on the class, fabric, and pattern, I really needed a wearable finished product.  I needed something to show for my efforts.
Our teacher was Ms. Julia, and I think I love her.  She was the perfect combination of scary and helpful.  Lizzy and I were the only ones in the Lazy pants class, and we were glad because it became very clear that we needed some one-on-one attention. 
My biggest mistake of the class was the fabric buying part.  After my Basics class, I was cocky about reading a pattern envelope.  The pattern envelope said 1 5/8ths yard of fabric, I bought 2 and gloated that I had plenty of fabric, may even make a pillow with the leftovers.   So I show up to class and begin to lay my pattern out, and there is a problem.  I have nowhere near enough fabric.  In fact, Lazy Pants quickly became Lazy Capris since I was so short of fabric.   Do you know what I did?  I bought fabric for the child’s pattern.  The child’s!
Second biggest mistake was the sizing. Check the picture below for confirmation.  You should see me run in these, I look ridiculous.  I am not as thin as I once was, but I am not nearly as big as the pants I made. 
If you are reading this and saying to yourself, It doesn’t sound like that class went very well at all.
You would be wrong.
These are the things that Ms. Julia taught me.
1.      It won’t be perfect, but it will be unique piece that can never be recreated.
2.      Not to be afraid of Myrna.  I did feel as if I developed a comfort level with her, and I think that will lead to only good things.
3.      How to break down a pattern into manageable tasks.
4.      All about grain of fabric and how to ensure my pattern is straight. 
5.      What the hell fold into the fold means. 
6.      How to get the crotch of pants to not look bunchy
So you see, I did actually learn a lot.  And I know that my second pair of lazy pants will actually be pants and maybe even not look so much like parachutes.
I am trying again!  Myrna and I have another date set for Sunday! It is a double date with Lizzy and her machine.
P.S. Find out what Lizzy named her machine...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Yarn Fairies Explosion

I know. I have been non-existent lately.  I apologize.  I have had two different people ask me for another blog update, so I feel inspired to write.  So write I will do.
Yarn Fairies.  If you are a long time reader, you know that this is the name of my yarn art business.  You will also remember that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to go forward with Yarn Fairies.  I had thought about the possibility of opening a online shop.  There is just one problem with that.
I personally think that handmade items are coming back.  People are tired of having something that was made commercially by people in other countries who are being paid next to nothing.  People are tired of buying things that are so ordinary and dreadfully boring.   Plus, with all the talented people in the world, if you can buy something unique and you can buy from an artist that personally handcrafted your item.  Why wouldn’t you spend the little extra money?
And that is probably why I am so busy.  Yarn Fairies is participating in the Holiday in SmokeRise Festival again, so I busy working on things to stock the table with.
But I am also busy with personal orders. People have been coming up to me, “hey, can you make this?” And my answer is always the same, “I have no idea, but I am going to try” And I have been trying, and I am not trying to boast.  I have come up with some really cute things.
Here is my current list of just finished, current projects, and to do list
-Elephant hat
-3 Ponchos
-Army Tank Slippers – Size 17 – That is not a typo. It will take 4 balls of yarn to complete.
-Cat costume
-A tiny Dress
-Reindeer Hat
- Snowman Hat

Plus, I need to make more hats to stock our table with.  Most of the above are personal orders that are already sold.

I am trying to remain calm. 

I have a lot of work to do. But if this is a sign that America is turning back to handmade items.  It is a busy that is welcomed.

I haven’t even thought about Christmas presents yet, oh dear.

So you see, I haven’t been ignoring you. I have been busy.