Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trend of Domesticity

If you have been listening you have probably heard the talk of this trend of domesticity that has been plaguing young woman across the country.
If you haven’t heard of this trend, then I am certain that you have seen it.  You have seen a young person become more interested in DIY projects, crafts (such as knitting and crocheting), and old time projects (such as canning and jam – making).  If you have not seen then trend, then you obviously have never met me. A few months ago, I heard a podcast on this subject and was like, “HEY, That’s totally me!”
In the podcast, they discussed how the domesticity trend was a possible step back for feminism.  And I, honestly, can understand how that argument can be plausible for someone who hasn’t fell victim to this trend.  But as someone who has, I totally disagree with this.
Yes, I have a garden.  Yes, I am learning to sew.  Yes, I knit. Yes, I crochet. Yes, I love to make jam.  Yes, I love to cook. And yes, all of those things are very similar to the roles of women in the ‘50s & ‘60s. I cannot speak for their reason, but I can speak for mine.
My sense of feminism is not dying, in fact, I think it is strengthening.  I am taking control and ownership of things in my life.  I am taking the power from corporations and using it as my own.  With my garden, I am in control of the food I eat, and I can choose not to be subjected to the chemicals that are in so much of our foods.  With sewing, if I see a skirt that I want, and don’t want to spend the ungodly markups, I can make it myself.  I have that power.  So I don’t see this trend as an act of relinquishing my feminism, but playing a more active role in my own life.
I feel this trend appeals to me partly, because of its traditional background.  We live in fast –paced world.  Our cell phones can do everything and more than my first computer.  Actually, who even needs an actual desktop anymore?  We are so attached to this technology, and I believe it is getting worse.  Sometimes, I like to put my cell phone down, put my full time desk job out of my head, and pick up my knitting. 
I embrace this trend, and for the feminists out there that disagree.  I hope I can teach you to knit one day.
P.S. Tomorrow I want to show you pics of my garden.  I was going to show them to you here, but as you can see here, I digressed.

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