Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Me, Megan, & Myrna

Twice in one week? Yep!
If you are a faithful reader of my blog, then you remember a post about a battle between me and my sewing machine, Myrna.  Well, I would like to retract that post, and issue a letter of apology to Myrna. 
That apology follows here:
Dear Myrna,
I would like to apologize for my behavior.  I realize that I spent a few hours working with you, and then gave up because the “tension” was messed up.  I told everyone that the problem was you, and not me. I just knew the problem was your fault, and not the fault a beginner sewer.  I know that my only experience with a sewing machine was in Home Ec class.  I was working on an old beat up machine, making a not completely square pillow.   I had a lot of problems with that machine, and I assume that all machines were exactly the same.  I was mistaken. 
I just knew you were plotting against me, so I called in reinforcements.  Megan.  She has sewn many things in her life, and I thought she would be the perfect person to tame you.   She kept talking about how cool and nice of a machine you were.  And I thought, you just wait to see the stunt she pulls!   She sat down with you and your cryptic instruction book and began the set up process. Megan asked me if I used the bobbin that came with the machine, and I said, “No, I ignored that part and used the prefilled bobbins I bought.  They look the same.”   Megan said we should wind our own bobbin and I agreed.  It would not have surprised me,  if Myrna was that fickle.   I sat there watching intently thinking to myself. Yep, I did that.  I put the bobbin in correctly.  Yep, I threaded the needle just like that.  See, it wasn’t my fault.  Then Megan read, “Turn hand wheel towards you to pick up the bobbin thread”.  Immediately, I knew that I had NOT done this before.  And I also knew that of course Myrna can’t sew properly, if I don’t pick up the bobbin thread.  Duh!   Myrna may be a new machine with fancy gadgets, but she still has the basic needs, like a bobbin thread.
I began to realize the err of my ways, and I began to be hopeful.  I had this cushion that I desperately wanted to cover.  I don’t entirely blame this on the cats, but I do a little.

Myrna, I found the most perfect fabric this past weekend, and bought it even though you and I were still at odds.  Megan helped with the design and the pinning.  Or I should say Cooper, Daphne, and Megan helped me with the designing and pinning.
And she left the sewing to me.  I worked on it, cautiously checking my stitches to make sure I was still on track.  The seams weren’t entirely straight, but I am sure that had a lot to with me and not you, Myrna.

Then I sewed some fancy corners.  This was a breeze thanks to you, Myrna.

And when I put the cover on the cushion, it was beautiful.  I could not have done this without you. 

So again, I am sorry for my accusations and the rumors I started about you.  If you will forgive me, I think we could have a very happy and fun friendship.
 I think chair needs some interesting pillows, and I know that you and I can do it! I look forward to the many ideas I have for us. 

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