Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine’s Day.  I am not sure why I love it so.  I am fully aware that it is a made up holiday, so commercialism can dig its claws even tighter into us as society.   The money spent on roses, dinners, jewelry is a little ridiculous.  Yes, even I can admit that. 

And I saw the worst part of Valentine’s Day yesterday.   I was in Kroger buying some cream cheese and a few other things.  (I attempted to make Crab Rangoon last night, and definitely will try again, but a post on that when I actually get it right.)  Anyways, while I was in Kroger, I saw all these men rushing around trying to find something, roses, orchids, a box of chocolate.  They were in search of anything that they could take home and their significant other would not be pissed at them.  That is how Valentine ’s Day gets a really bad rep.

I view it a little differently.  I view as an opportunity to share with Justin, my friends, and my family just how much they mean to me.  I honestly try to spend as little money as possible.   Actually, this year I only spend $35 on Valentine’s Day.  This is what I bought for $35 dollars.  Ten cards, 1 gift card, crab meat, wonton wrappers, cream cheese, cake mix, powdered sugar, sprinkles, and two skeins of yarn.  What did I do with all of this stuff?

-I made two attempts to make crab rangoons.  I came really close to getting it right, but Justin would not let me make a 3rd batch.
-I sent 10 of the most awesome ladies I know a card.
-One of those cards included an extra special gift card.
-I made cupcakes for my favorite people at the bar Monday night.
-I made a fingerstache.  It is awesome.
-And finally, I made Ness.

Now Ness is the main character from Justin’s favorite video game.   He has played Earthbound every year since we have been together, and I sure that tradition started before we were together. Justin’s morning alarm is Ness’s wake up music in the game.  Yes, he is that big of a fan.
I am not sure how I thought of this idea.  I have no idea where it came from.  I just know that I was sitting at my desk as work, letting the creative juices flow.  Then, out of nowhere, came this awesome Idea.  And I knew if I could get it right, it would be awesome.   There was no pattern for a Ness doll, so I had to create this one from sheer skill.
Here is the picture I started with.

Here is the head and the hat.  I know that logic would suggest that I completed the body and then add the features.  But I could work on the naked body at home in front of Justin.  However, the clothes I worked on during my lunch breaks.  So yes, I am in my car, crocheting.   And yes, I may be a dork.

He is really starting to come together here, although he still has no legs.

And here is my Ness doll, complete with his backpack.  I was proud of him, but nervous as to what Justin would think.  Justin loved it.  He immediately posted it to an Earthbound fan site.

So Valentine’s Day is not about chocolate, flowers, and jewelry.  Although those things are nice, and the flowers I received from my sister made my whole day. My Valentine’s Day is about taking a little extra time, and doing something that wasn’t “expected” of meto show those closest  to me that I care for them.  

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