Monday, February 4, 2013

More Progress

It seems the two biggest things that I have going on right now are the upcoming half marathon and my sweater. And while they seem very different, there are a few similarities.
1.      Time - Both require a lot of time that most people wouldn’t spend on this.  The training hours and the hours knitting are extensive.
2.      Soreness - My legs and the rest of my body are seemingly continuously sore from the training runs.  While I am recovering from the runs, I usually participate in marathon knitting sessions that my hands sore and stiff.
3.      Training – Both of these things require a lot of skill.  You can’t just leave your house and run 13 miles, or at least I can’t.  You can’t just pick up some knitting needles and knit a sweater, or at least I can’t.

The similarities are there.  If I could figure out how to run and knit at the same time, my life would be complete.
 I ran 10.6 miles yesterday.  It sucked, but not near as bad as the 10 mile run last week.  My legs today feel as if only a little train has run over them.  So definitely progress is being made.
And here is my sweater on Saturday evening.  I know it is a short sleeve, but I wanted to be able to wear this throughout the spring. Progress!

Since then I have added another sleeve.  All that is left is the finishing and the mistake hiding.  I am saving the final sleeve for the final reveal.  I am excited.  I am really doing this!!
I also have a super secret to show you, next Friday.

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