Thursday, April 4, 2013

A New Diet

I sometimes like to press pause in my busy life, and take a moment to reflect.  And I was doing that this afternoon, drinking my afternoon smoothie, reading an old blog post, and realized that I have been drinking green smoothies for almost a year.

So as I am nearing my one year anniversary of green smoothies, I would like to notate the things that I eat on a regular basis now, that were NOT in my REGULAR diet prior to the smoothies. 

-bananas (of course, I occasionally ate bananas before, but not nearly as much as I do now)
-strawberries (same as bananas)
-cranberries (delish in a fall smoothie)
-pineapple (I had never bought a pineapple before I started making smoothies)
-oranges and tangerines (the one I had with lunch today was amazing)
-Brussels sprouts
-turnips (my dad has been trying to get me to eat turnips for years)
-onion - (I still only like onions when they are roasted or fully cooked, but even this is major progress)
-Bell peppers – (same as onion)
- broccoli – I would this every now and then, but now I love it steamed, roasted, dehydrated, etc
-rutabaga – my mom has been making this for years, and now all of sudden I love it
-okra – same thing as rutabaga
-zucchini – I are squash before, but I have discovered a passion for this food.  Lets put it soups, breads, muffins, roast them, hash

I look at this list above and wonder what in the hell did I eat if I didn’t eat any or much of the above.  I don’t know the answer to that, except that it probably wasn’t good.

I am going to continue to try new things, and see what agrees with my taste buds. 

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