Friday, December 16, 2011

The Most Wonderful Ornament that I Never Made

I have been making ornaments for about 3 years now.  I try to make a different kind every year.  One year is was paint that was swirled inside a glass ornament.  I actually loved those so much, that  I did them two years in a row.  They looked something like this.  The designs that emerge from the swirled paint are pretty awesome.  My tip here would be to allow plenty of drying time between colors.
Last year, I made some quilted ones.  Like this.   Here is a picture of one of them I made last year.
These are really cute.  You can use all types of fabric combinations and really personalize it for the recipient.  These take some time, so be prepared.  My tip here would be to buy an astronomical amount of straight pins.  It is amazing how many pins are used to make each one.
Now I bet you are on the edge of your seats wondering what this year’s ornament will be.  This was the plan.  I was going to monogrammed them and tie ribbons on the top of them.  And there were going to be wonderful.  I bought all the materials in advanced.  I was ready to go.  I sat down to work on these last Saturday night.  It was not the best time for crafting, I had come off an emotional roller coaster of a week, and had already had a couple glasses of wine at a girls luncheon.  Anyways, I couldn’t the etching to show up like I wanted it too.  Now, I have done some research and learned of my mistake(s). 1.) I didn’t leave the etching cream on long enough.  The kit instructions say only one minute, but everywhere else clearly states 5 minutes.  2.)  I may not have waited long enough to see if the etching would become more prominent.   I quickly gave up, cried a little, and moved on.
This has left me with two thoughts regarding the Holiday season.  Although I do not have cute little ornaments to hand out this year.  Christmas will go on as it always does.  What matters most is that I am going to get to spend time with my family and friends this holiday season.  Yes, I am sure they will be a little sad, that they aren’t going to get the awesome ornament describe above, but they will get over it and still love me.  And that is what matters, that I will be around people that love me this Christmas.
I have also learned to slow it down.  If I had waited a little longer before I gave up, I may not have had to give up.  Who knows?  There could be a beautifully etched ornament in the box that I hastily put away while I was discouraged.  So my advice this holiday season is to slow down and enjoy all of the work and effort that goes into the holidays.  All the shopping, baking, and crafting, slow it down and think about the person/people that you are going through all this effort for.  Remember how much you care for them, and how appreciative they will be once they receive the fruits of your labor.   That is what will make the holiday more enjoyable and meaningful.  And if your family doesn’t get that ornament, well there, is always next year. 
Slow Down, Enjoy The Season.

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