Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 Day Weekend! A New Trend??

Last weekend was kind of amazing.  First, it was five days long.  Second, it was the weekend of Thanksgiving.  Third, it was my First Anniversary.  Fourth, it was the weekend of the Iron Bowl.   I have been waiting to do this post until my anniversary present was resized.  But then I decided, I would just post a picture from the website.  I know my readers are creative enough to imagine how wonderfully I wear my present. So today I blog.
 Let’s start at Thanksgiving.
All of the food was fantastic.  My dad smoked a turkey and a Boston butt, and we had all the trimmings to go with.  The dessert was out of this world. 
I made a pumpkin cheesecake using this recipe.   I also learned a few things.  1. Graham cracker crust will not easily slide into a cute pumpkin baking dish.  If you try, you will make a huge mess and crust will break and go everywhere.  2. You can never really soften cream cheese enough.  It seems that it will always be hard to work with. 3.  Sometimes you have to ignore cooking times, and trust your gut.

Sandy made a cake.  What is so special about this cake?  It is a chocolate cake with raspberry filling iced with a butter cream frosting.  The inspiration for this cake came from my wedding cake, which I absolutely loved. 

Thursday night was filled with Vampires and LeighAnne.  We went to see Breaking Dawn.  Then Justin, Holly, Terri, and I take off to Dothan to follow a lead on some $15 boots.  It was a close call, but we got the boots.  The crowds were insane.  See below.  But all of our Black Friday shopping was done and we were home in bed by 5am.  Crazy.

During the Boot Madness

Seriously, Like 10 mins later.

Friday before we returned home to Atlanta, we did get spend a little time with Justin’s newest cousin, Eden.  So precious.

Our first anniversary was fantastic, just know that.  I will give you a rundown of the gifts that we exchanged.
My gifts to Justin
1.      I found this idea on to make a book out of a deck of cards.  Each card has a reason why I love him.  It was pretty cute, and I realize that I have a lot of reasons. 
2.      I put together pictures from our first year of marriage together in an album.  It showed that we have had quite a few adventures this year.
3.      I found all the cards, letters, poems, etc that we have written to each other over the years and put them in one massive binder. 
4.      I secretly read the Grapes of Wrath.  This doesn’t seem like much, I know.  But this is Justin’s favorite book that I have been avoiding reading for years and years.  Justin never thought I would read it.  He was totally surprised to find out that I already had.

Pinned Image

Justin’s gifts to me

1.      A message in a bottle.  Justin wrote a beautiful poem and put it in a bottle. BTW, I almost never got the poem out.
2.      Laugh with Lola.  Lion Brand Yarn Company does a comic strip in every other newsletter.  The comic book has all the comic strips together.  A great paper gift for the first anniversary.
3.      This beautiful ring.  I have been keeping my eye on this forever! Seriously, I have wanted this ring for over a year.   I am in love with this.  So it was hard for Justin to surprise me with this, so I got it a little early.  Which is totally okay by me.

As you probably know, the Crimson Tide defeated the Auburn Tigers with a convincing win!!

Sunday, I had a great catch-up breakfast with Kaitlin.  Then Justin and I spend the rest of the day cleaning and getting our home ready for Christmas. 

This was a really great weekend.  I really could get used to the two day work week, and five day weekend...

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