Friday, March 2, 2012

At Least Friday is Here!

I wish I could tell you that I have been homemaking up a storm, and have an excellent blog post for you today.  But that is not the case; I have only cooked 3 meals this week.   None of them new recipes or anything fun, and none of them were really blog worthy.
 Shoot, Justin didn’t even eat one of them.  It was a roasted chicken breast, and he didn’t care for the marinade that I used.   Now most wives would have hurt feelings over this.  Something that they worked on, and their husbands wouldn’t eat it.  And to be completely honest and not lie on my own blog, I was starting to feel a little bad about myself, but then Justin reminded me.  That I have made him many meals over the last eight years we have been together.  Some were really awesome.  Some were epic fails.  And this is only the second time that he did not eat it.  Yes, my husband is honest.  But he is also a very good sport.  And I really appreciate both of these qualities.
On another topic, I have been looking for inspiration for yarn projects.  I am excited about a few that are tossing around in my brain.  And I am really looking forward to showing all of you those.   But this is an idea that has already gotten out of my head and into the hands of a very excited Mother to Be. 
Beware....  This may be the cutest thing I have ever made. 

It is a newborn suit.  Would be absolutely perfect for newborn pics

Looking for ideas on what other animals I could make?  What do you think?
I will be better next week, and have more exciting things to blog about.

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