Friday, February 24, 2012

Indoor Grill Party!

We are definitely anxious for warmer weather here.  Mother Nature has been teasing us with brief glimpses of warmer weather, and yesterday was a perfect example of her teasing.  In case you are in Atlanta and you stayed under a rock yesterday, let me tell you, the weather was amazing.  Justin and I knew that the weather was not around for good, so we celebrated in a way that mirrors Mother Nature’s temporary ways.
We decided to have and indoor grill party.  We decided that we would have the BBQ classics.  We already had chicken marinating.  We picked up some shrimp to grill.  We also got my favorite, squash, to grill.  And to top the meal off, we decided to make fresh squeezed lemonade.
I started making the simple syrup over the stove.  You just mix approximately a cup and half of water with a cup of sugar and cook until the sugar is completely dissolved.  While this is on the stove, start squeezing those lemons.  We bought a pack of ten, and that is about how much you will need.  I left two lemons unsqueezed to slice and throw into the finished lemonade.    Then you throw the lemon juice, simple syrup, and about 4 cups of water to dilute.  Throw the other two lemons in and refrigerate. 

It was a great meal.  Super delicious!  The lemonade was so refreshing!!!

Squash and chicken on the grill!
Shrimp grilled with butter and cajun seasoning!
Some bacon on the grill!

Mother Nature make up your mind, and bring us summer!!!

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