Friday, March 16, 2012

Teeny Tiny Adventure

My sister visited me this week, and it was a swell time.   It seems like every time she visits we get caught up in this great baking scheme.  This is what happened last time she was here.  We made a million cake pops.  You remember. 
Well, I am proud to say that we only got caught up in a teeny tiny baking scheme.  We were browsing around Bed, Bath, and Beyond, discussing all the products and things that we want to buy in the future for our dream homes and kitchens.  During our second stroll through the baking section, I came across these tiny tart pans and I was instantly hooked.  I have been wanting to experience with tarts.  I even added a tart pan to my Amazon Wishlist.  But with big tart pan my epic problem is still an issue. 
This is the issue. I love to experiment, and would love to work on my baking skills.  BUT.... Justin doesn’t really like sweets.  Now I know what you feminists are thinking, does it matter that Justin doesn’t really like sweets.  The answer, No, it doesn’t.  However, if I make a whole cake and Justin only eats a slice, who is going to eat the rest of the cake??  Right, Me.  And that is the reason I don’t do a lot of baking.  But these tiny tarts pans may just be the answer to my dilemma.

These are tiny, and you can make three tops and bottoms with one regular pie crust, and put any kind of filling in these.  Pretty amazing, right? 

The perfect portion size for one teeny tiny dessert.   Pretty cool.  Pretty tasty.  Pretty perfect.
I know, I need to work on my drizzling.

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