Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Anniversary

November 26, 2012 marked nine years that Justin and I have been together, it is also our 2nd marriage anniversary.   I can/will speak for Justin, we had an amazing anniversary. 

I don’t like to think gift giving it a contest, BUT if it was.  Justin would have certainly taken the prize on this year.

Now, Justin usually waits until the last minute to shop, and I mean the very last minute.  So you can imagine my surprise, when he told me weeks before that my present was already in the works.  But due to it being custom, it may not be ready in time to take on our trip to the cabin.

I am nosey.  People know that.  So I badgered Justin with questions, and he gave me the following clues.  Don’t scroll down, See if you can guess what my gift was...

1.      Had to have sex to use it.
2.      Some assembly required
3.      It was small but could be large
4.      It was made of natural material

I had no idea what my gift was.  No idea.  I am going to talk about something else to give you time to guess.

We went the Bear Creek Log Cabin for a couple of days.  It was so relaxing and so much fun.  We took this picture.

 In this pic, he is wearing his anniversary present.  I got him a CM Punk shirt.  After all, it was our cotton anniversary.

When we got home, there was a package that awaited me, my anniversary present.  From the above clues, I had no idea what would be in this box.  So imagine my surprise, when this comes out of the box.  This pic does not do this yarn justice.  The yarn is so soft, and the color so rich.

I asked Justin why this particular color choice.  He said that this yarn was hand painted based on the color pallet of this picture, a picture of our family.

Then I replied, Justin this is very sweet.  But why did you get so much of it.  The box contained 5 skeins of yarn totaling 1370 yards.  That is quite a bit of yarn.

That is when Justin told me what the yarn was for.  He had the yarn custom made, inspired by a picture of our family, and he had bought enough for a baby blanket.   As you might have guess, I promptly burst into tears. 

The idea the one day, when Justin and I are ready for that next step, I will be knitting our first baby’s blanket with a yarn that represents our family.  And better yet, that my husband was thoughtful and creative enough to have made the yarn made.  It was too much for me.  It was a great gift. 

Did you guess it?  

He is going to have a really hard time topping this next year.  He should probably get started now.

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