Monday, January 28, 2013


I am feeling a little on top of the world right now!  I ran 10 miles yesterday, and survived.  My legs feels as if they have been ran over by a train.  And on the last 3 miles, I really did consider sitting down and waiting for Justin to come pick me up.  But I kept on, and I finished, so I am beyond excited.  I am going to celebrate this feat for a little more, before I start thinking about next week's long run.

Anyways,  I am plugging along on my sweater.  I wish you could understand how much I am in love with this.  I could not be happier at the moment.  And much like running, I am going to celebrate this accomplishment a little longer, before I start thinking about the sleeves.

I have made some serious progress. This is Saturday night.

And this is this morning...

This is around 7:30 before hair and makeup, so no judgement. 

I hate short sweaters, so I am going to knit on, and then the sleeves.  But who knows?  I may be wearing my first sweater as early as next week!!  

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