Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun Fall Weekend

I really love this time of year.  The holidays are on their way.  There is crispness to the air, and the colors that emerge this time of year are breathtaking.  This weekend was the epitome of fall. 
Kacee and I ventured up to North Georgia for a day full of fall fun.  Although, I just reached my 3 year anniversary in Atlanta, I have never explored much outside the city.  So it was a real adventure.  We had lunch at Glenda’s, which was known for their down home cooking.   Then we were off to the corn maze.  I had never been to one before, and I have to report back that it was a lot of fun.  Although we were determined to find the six hidden checkpoints, we easily got distracted by the beautiful scenery. 

And even though, we decided to be kids for the day, we were easily sidetracked and on a mission to create the perfect fall centerpiece.  We decided that the dried corn would make such an authentic centerpiece, and thus began coming up with a way to steal several ears of corn. 

Here I am smuggling the corn out under my shirt!  I gave the corn to Kacee, so hopefully she will send a pic, so I can post it on here.  So you can see the finished product from my stolen spoils.

We ended our day in North Georgia with a haunted house and a hayride.  It was truly a great day.

Football is a great part of fall, however, the Bama game Saturday night was not.  So I will skip the details of that.
Every year I say, that I am going to do more fall baking this year.  In fact the recipe that I made on Sunday, I actually found and saved on October 29, 2009.  Allrecipes keeps track on when you add a recipe to your recipe box.
I followed the recipe almost exactly.  It makes a lot of bread.  It took just under an hour to make.  While I was grocery shopping, I found the cute little loaf pans.  My idea is to freeze them until Thanksgiving, and then hand these little pans out as little gifts.

The bread is amazing.  It is moist.  It has a great fall flavor with just a touch of chocolate.  I have been eating it for breakfast.  This recipe has definitely encouraged me to continue with my fall baking. 
I have a great dessert on the agenda for Thanksgiving.  So those that will be spending Thanksgiving with me, be excited!

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