Friday, October 7, 2011

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

I like to think of myself of a laid-back, fly by the seat of her pants, kind of girl.  I like to do things on a whim.  I am flexible, and I am usually up for anything.  Probably a year ago, a good friend and I were talking about meal plans.  She planned out her meals for the entire week, and I thought this was strange.  I could ask her on Friday, what she was having for dinner next Wednesday and she could tell me.  I secretly smiled at myself, although I didn’t have to do it in secret.  She and I only talk via emails and IMs, so she couldn’t see me smile anyway.  I smiled at my own spontaneity.  I smiled because I didn’t know what I was having for lunch that day, much less dinner next Wednesday.   But I think I have realized something...
My current meal plan usually consists of me sitting at my desk at work wondering what we are going to have for dinner that night.  If I can’t think of anything that I am particularly in the mood for, then I browse until I find something that strikes my fancy.  And then I send a text to Justin, saying the first one off of works needs to go by the grocery store and get these items, so I can make the recipe that I had in mind.   In the past couple weeks; I realized that there are a few problems with this plan. 
1.       I hate making several special trips to the grocery store.
2.      Our pantry shelf is full of food, but somehow I rarely cook from it.
3.      Our grocery shopping has no direction.  We just buy things that we think we will eat.  Which is probably how we end up with a pantry shelf full of food.
4.      Justin knows that If he has to go to grocery store for special items, then it is a probably a new recipe night.  And for some reason, Justin gets a little skittish around new recipes.
5.      We end up just ditching dinner altogether, and just going out to eat. 
6.      And there was this one night, where Justin and I ate an entire bag of barbeque chips.  My tummy hurt so much, and to this day I can’t eat barbeque chips.

As you can see, we need a new plan.  So for the first time, a meal plan has been made for the Broderway household.  I asked Justin for any meals, that he wanted to make the list this week.  He had two requests, and I have incorporated them.  Here is what we have.

Friday – Chicken Casserole (A recipe from the 101 Things to do with Chicken Cookbook) It is so good, I should post that recipe in the future.
Saturday – We are attending the Taste of Tucker on Saturday, but we will need a snack for Bama vs. Vandy. I have decided I want to make Hummus.
Sunday – Tacos  Justin loves tacos. 
Monday – Hamburger Helper, Justin’s other request.  And a Garden Salad
Wednesday – Pork Chops, Rice, and Field Peas.
Friday – Slower Cooker Beef Stroganoff
Saturday - A lentil soup or chili.  I am still looking for just the right recipe.

Not only do I have a meal plan, I also have a grocery lists that reflects the meal plan.  I have it all planned out.  I know exactly what I am having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner next week.  I thought when this moment came, I would feel a little of my spontaneity slip away.  But to be honest, I feel good.  I feel excited about the yummy food in my future.  I feel more like a grown-up.  Never thought I would say this, but I feel relieved that I already know what I am having for dinner next Wednesday night.  I also feel like Lindsay is reading this, and secretly smiling that I have come around to her ways.

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