Friday, October 28, 2011

Third Time A Charm

Ugh... It is good to be posting.  Me posting means that I am home from traveling and that I am back to work at my cube.  Justin and I traveled to Vegas last Friday for the CPCU conferment.  I recently obtained my Charter Property and Casualty Underwriter designation, which is kind of a big deal in the insurance industry. Of all the insurance nerds, I am towards the most nerdish end of the spectrum.  However, Nerdish or not, my CPCU did score me a Dooney & Burke Purse and free trip to Vegas with Justin.  So nerdy can be good.  Justin came back on Tuesday, and I flew straight to Ft. Lauderdale.  So being gone for that long and all the moving around makes for a long week, and I have missed my blog and my projects.  So I am back. 
I am a bit behind in my projects.  I didn’t get much knitting or crocheting done on my trips.  And the little that I did get done, I don’t want to post on here.   It is a reader’s gift and I don’t want them to see it before they receive it.  However, I will have some like it available at the Christmas Festival on December 3rd.  Nice plug, right?
So let me show you some of the other stuff I have been working on.  Justin and I were in Michaels yesterday, and he found this pattern book and encouraged me to buy it.  He is a sucker for animals.  He didn’t even fuss, when I explained that I would also have to buy some yarn to complete the lion pattern.  So I jumped at the opportunity for new patterns and new yarns. 

Now, I have tried to make animals before.  I bought the yarn and started a monkey for Justin’s little brother.  I didn’t finish it.  Actually gave up before I even completed half the body.   That was awhile back, though.  And I was certain that I would finish an animal the next time around.  I started on an elephant.  I wanted to make a cute little stuffed elephant for my couch during football season, but the body ended up looking a gas tank, and the legs were too short, and the head was looking kind of square, so I quit that as well.  But they say, “Third time is a charm”.  And I have tried again.  Here is my little lion.  I still need to put some legs and ears on him, but he is almost done.  I think he is pretty dang cute.  He is tiny enough to fit in your hand.  The pattern book that Justin picked out has ten different tiny little animals.

I am getting things ready for the Yarn Fairies booth in December, so expect to see quite a few projects this month.
Just before I left, I finished this little guy.  I love him.  I call him Louis, named after the main character in the Interview with the Vampire.

Have a good weekend, and be sure to check back in Monday for some interesting creations and costumes....

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