Monday, October 3, 2011

A Camping We Will Go

What a fabulous weekend I have had.  I had the privilege to spend some time with the best homemaker I know, my mom.  Justin and my dad were there, too!  Thursday night we had dinner with another homemaker in training like me, my sister.  Here are the broad strokes of my weekend, with concentration of the great meals we ate.
Thursday night, we had dinner with my sister and JB, her boyfriend of just over a year. If you are randomly reading this, my sister is a chef, no, I mean like a real chef.  I was watching her cook dinner, specifically the rice.  She had all the ingredients out in cute little bowls.  I saw peppers and onions.  And I thought to myself, “She knows that I don’t like peppers and onions, What is she doing?”  She continued to throw more stuff into the rice.  And I was doubtful, real doubtful.  But I thought about my motto when it comes to food, “I will try anything once.”  I tried the rice, and it was AMAZING.  Not only did I eat mine, but I ate Justin’s as well.  You snooze, you lose, honey! (Becky sidenote: Let’s make that rice for Thanksgiving, and you can teach me how to make it.)
Justin’s birthday is quickly approaching, and my sister went through an extreme amount of effort to make him a birthday cake.   Justin saw it, and was in love.  The label is cracked in the pic, but it was an awesome cake.

Friday, just as I imagined, we were up at the crack of dawn headed to the campsite.  Justin and I both love to camp with my parents, but we have never been camping together.  We camped at Open Pond south of Andalusia.  Now, my parents do not rough it.  Yes, they sleep in a tent.  But my parents bring everything they could ever need.  Yes, even a refrigerator!  And they also bring lots of food, good food, too!
The first night, my mom and Justin made Hobo Packets.  The link provides a general idea, but there are many variations. 
We used steak, potatoes, onions, butter, and some seasoning. 
Mix it up.

Wrap it up.

Throw it on the Grill.

So Good! 

Saturday night, while we were listening to the Alabama game on the radio, we made smores!  It was a little chilly and perfect weather for roasting marshmallows by the fire.  We had the original version and the peanutty version.

In spite of the marshmallow fires, they were delicious but so sweet.  In fact, after two smores each, we didn’t want anymore.
We had a great weekend, just spending time with family.  What a great way to kick off what FEELS like the official start of Fall!

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