Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Purpose

It is chilly here in Atlanta.  It is in the fifties, and the wind is blowing.  So it feels chillier than what it really is.  And in the corner of the office in which my window cube exists, there seems to be a small problem.  We CANNOT get the temperature right.  Some days I am sweating and trying to figure out just how many clothes I can remove before I am “inappropriate” for the office environment.  And then there are other times, when I am freezing.  Today happens to be a freezing day.  So cold, that I am still wearing my scarf.  This brings me to the purpose of this post.
Here is my scarf.  I untangled it from my neck briefly to take this pic and then quickly put it back on.   This scarf is special to me.  Yes, it looks like an ordinary furry scarf.  Yes, I make scarves like this all the time. Yes,  I actually have a much more complicated scarf on my needles at home that I have briefly mentioned before.  But this one is special.
 It was made by a friend of mine, Cindy Clark.  She was one of my first friends in the yarn world.  On the day she gave me this scarf, she also gave me a ton of her own stash yarn.  Which in case you are not familiar, it is kind of like giving away a favorite blouse or favorite piece of jewelry.  Let me try to explain this better.  Yarn crafters choose yarn carefully.  We buy yarn that stands out to us.  We look for colors and textures that we like.  We look for yarn that reminds of us people or things.  So the yarn in a crafter’s stash is not just a bunch of string, as most people (read: my husband) would believe.  With this explanation you can see Cindy’s generosity; she gave a ton of her yarn away to a small group of new knitters and crocheters.    Cindy had to greatly reduce her stash, because she and her family have been called to the mission field in the Philippines to fill a great purpose.
So while I am in my cube freezing, and I feel this scarf on my neck and I am filled with warmth.  As a knitter/crocheter, I know the time and effort that goes into creating something.  I am reminded of Cindy and how much I miss her and her family.  And I often think of her generosity as I look through my yarn stash and see parts of Cindy’s stash. 
So all of that thinking led me to this...
I hope the receivers of my gifts feel the same way I do today.  Chances are if you care enough to read this blog, I have made you something in past or will make you something in the future. 
When you open that present from me, I want you to remember that the item was made specifically for you.  I chose the pattern or project with care.  I chose yarn that reminds me of you or yarn that I thought would compliment you.  I spent my time, sometimes, many hours on making this item for you. 
When you wear it or use it, I want you to know that it was made with love.  I want you to think of my gift as a symbol of how much I care for you.  And I hope that knowing that someone cares for you and loves you, makes you feel good, because that was my whole purpose to begin with.

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