Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Destiny of a Yarn

Now I am going to share a secret that only yarn artists know.  It will seem strange and ridiculous to regular people, and so this is my attempt to explain it to you.  There are two kinds of yarn. 
1.      On sale yarn
2.      Special yarn

On Sale Yarn is just as it sounds, it is yarn that you pick up at a good price.  You know that you will always need pink yarn to do a little girl hat. Neutral colors are a must have, for you always need them at weirdest times.  It is the colors that you know that you are going to need.  It is your basic stash.  Nothing really special, but the yarn still has a purpose.  But the purpose is more predictable, more ordinary.

Special yarn is different.  Special yarn is a yarn that we just had to have, a yarn that just caught our eye from across the room.  Special yarn could also be a gift from someone. I know that this makes it sound like special yarn has to be expensive, but it doesn’t.  I have fell in love with a $4 skein of yarn from Michaels and I have fell in love with wool that costs $12 a skein from my Local Yarn Shop.  My love of yarn knows no price range.   Special yarns not only have a purpose, but a destiny.    I have many special yarns, but this post is about one in particular.

I visited NYC in March for work, but due to scheduling I did not have time to visit the official Lion Brand Studio.  But when I went back in November, I planned my flights so I would have time to stop by . Here is pic that I took from this article about how the Lion Brand store got its start.

Now I know what you are thinking.  Don’t they sell Lion Brand Yarn everywhere?  Well, yes they do.  However, there are some yarns that are only available at the store in New York or online.  And yes, I could have ordered this yarn online, but it is not the same.

That day in NYC was a rainy dreary day, so when I picked out the yarn that I wanted.  I went with a color that kind of mark the color of the day, but was super soft.    I bought a dark grey baby alpaca yarn, and I love it.

Now since November, I have been busy with Yarn Fairies and Christmas presents, so I have not had time to take out this yarn.  But it is a new year, and my in progress projects are reaching their final stages.  My homework for my knitting class is done.  And it is time for me to think about this yarn.  I have 3 skeins, and I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it.  I knew from the start, that I wanted to make something for myself with this yarn, something that I would wear and love.   I thought about a scarf, but that didn’t seem right.  I couldn’t find the right pattern.    Then I decided that I had plenty of scarves, some of which I never wear.   Then I came across this pattern.  I have always wanted one of these drapey vests, but I think that they are too expensive in the store.   I am very excited about this pattern.  I think this is the destiny for my Baby Alpaca yarn from NYC.

I have a dog sweater to wrapup, and my knitting class tomorrow night.  But I will be casting on for this very soon, and I am very excited about it.

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