Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Challenge

I have been knitting and crocheting for awhile.  I have made scarves, purses, hats, blankets, and other miscellaneous items.  Now I admit that some of these projects were not up to professional standards, but I think I have proved that I am getting better and my skills are advancing.  If you are doubting this please refer to my animal hats (my personal designs) and the fair isle project that I posted about last week.  I mean, come on, that is impressive.
However if you are very astute, (and I know that my readers are) you have realized that there is something is missing from my long list of projects.  I have yet to make a garment that fits and is wearable.   In my early knitting days, I tried to knit a simple shell vest, and I thought it was going well.  BUT... when I was done with it, it was the largest vest, ever.  I, seriously, don’t know how it ended up so big.   Ever since that epic fail, I have been reluctant to try again. 
Fast forward a year and a half.
I have a friend that lives in Illinois and has the cutest dog, Reilly.  He had seen some of my finish projects and was very impressed with the creativity of Yarn Fairies.  He, immediately, commissioned a piece for Reilly.  He wanted a vintage U of I sweater for Reilly.   Out of excitement and the high coming off Yarn Fairies debut weekend, I said I could do it.  No big deal! 
No big deal?  After I started to think how I was going to do this, I started to get a little worried.  I can’t make garments.  Much less, can I make garments for a pet? This would truly be my biggest challenge yet as a Yarn Fairy.  But I was up to the challenge. 
I started out with a ton of measurements, and as I went I asked for a lot more measurements.  Here is a pic of Reilly with all the measurement that I required. 

Once I had all the measurements, I picked out a pattern that kind of looked like I wanted it to.  I followed the pattern very loosely, but mainly made the sweater to fit the measurements that I had. 
I ripped it back... a lot.  I wanted it to be perfect. And after much work, I was finished.  It was the best I could do.  I must have measured that sweater a million times.   It was finally ready to be mailed.  I was so nervous about the fit.  I wanted Chris to like it.  I wanted Reilly to be comfortable in it.  So I waited all week, and bugged Chris constantly on Friday until he sent me this pic and this text!
"U are an amazing person, couldn't fit better and he likes it"
"Seriously this is amazing.  Fits perfect, easy to get on and off, couldn't be better"

I was ecstatic.  My first finished garment and it is a success.  This has served as an encouragement to try other garments.  I am thinking/brainstorming/designing a swimsuit cover-up.  I am ready for summer!!

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