Friday, January 6, 2012

Round 1 - DING!

I got a sewing machine for Christmas.  I really really wanted one.  I have been browsing Pinterest, seeing all of these old clothing up cycled into new trendy summery clothes.  And I thought to myself, I can do this, all I need is a sewing machine.  I have already got the old t-shirts!  (It seems like everything on Pinterest can be made from an old t-shirt.)   Well, I have my sewing machine, the old t-shirts, and lots of inspiration.  But there is one little step that I forgot, I don’t know how to work a sewing machine. 
But that is small stuff, if I can learn to knit; crochet, and weave, then I most certainly can learn to sew.  So here is a recollection of the first round with my sewing machine. 
I took it out of the box, and just looked at it for a moment.  I just have a feeling that I am about to create some magnificent pieces with this machine.  Then, I decided to get this baby running.  After a short hour, I finally had the machine threaded.  I would like to mention that I took time to read most of the instructions.  And finally I was ready to sew.  Or so I thought.  I started and I ended up with a huge jumble of thread.  I didn’t take a picture of it, because I was embarrassed.  I am a Modern Homemaker.  I should be able to maneuver this tricky machine.
I turned many knobs back and forth, and tried again.  Big jumbled knot of thread. 
Third time of adjusting knobs and a little praying, and it worked. Kind of.  Here is me working very hard at making some cat curtains for the litter box. 

Here is the front of my work.  It is very plain, but I think it is okay for a third try.  And is a ton of improvement of the big jumbled knot of thread.

Here is the back of my work.  Something is still not right.  I have done some internet research, and my top thread tension might be too tight.    If you are a sewing expert and you are reading this and laughing, please tell me if you know what is wrong. 

Here is my finished product.  All that work, and I am not even sure if Daphne likes it.  Cats are so fickle.

I think some sewing classes are in my future. 
So Round 1 – I say it’s a draw between me and my sewing machine.  It looked like she had the upper hand for awhile, but I showed her she could be tamed.  Or that I will learn to tame her.
P.S.  This post makes me think I should name my sewing machine.  Hmmm.... I will name her Myrna.
P.S.S.  Myrna, I am coming for you.

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