Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions and Reflections Recap

I love New Years.  It is a time for reflection over the previous year, and anticipation for the upcoming year.   So I thought, I would do a little reflecting and planning for the upcoming year. 
Some pretty great things happened to me this year.
1.      We moved to a new apartment.
2.      Started attending a home church.
3.      I completed my CPCU designation.
4.      One of my best friends got married.
5.      We went to Vegas twice!
6.      I moved over to a window cube at work.
7.      Yarn Fairies is beginning to get off the ground.
8.      Established some great friends.
9.      Celebrated our first anniversary!
10.   Alabama had an awesome season, with a chance at #14!
11.   Had an awesome New Years Eve in Dallas!

I am sure that more stuff happened in 2012, but these are the broad strokes.  It has been a pretty great year.  As you all know, New Years is the time to making resolutions for the upcoming year, and I have made some for 2012.  But I thought that I would take a moment and report progress on my resolutions for 2011.

2011 Resolutions (or at least the two that I can remember)
1.      To Read More - My goal was to read 36 books this year.  I am happy to report that I read 42 books this year.  This was achievable because Justin got me a Kindle for Valentine’s Day.  Now, to be absolutely honest, I was supposed to read classics and best sellers, with a small amount or smut or fun reading mixed in.  But I would say it ended up more like half and half. 
2.      To Be More Organized – Now I would say that I have made some improvement in this area, but I realize that I still have a lot more improving to do.  But New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be permanent changes, and permanent changes take time. 

This time next year, I will look back at this blog post, and have to answer to them.  Since they will actually be written down and published.  Eeek, that is a lot of pressure on me to complete my resolutions.

2012 Resolutions
1.      To stop biting my nails AGAIN- This has been a constant New Year’s Resolution for me, all except for last year.  I had stopped biting my nails for a year and a half, but I am sad to report that I have started again. 
2.      To learn new knitting techniques - I want to learn how to knit Fair Isle.  (Fair Isle is stranded color knitting, so it is knitting with two different colors at the same time.)  I have already gotten a head start on this, and I am signed up for a class in January.  I also want to make a sweater. I have selected a pattern already, and know the yarn that I want to use.  Maybe I will start on this in February.
3.      To figure out a direction for Yarn Fairies - What do I want Yarn Fairies to become?  I know I want to continue to make stuff for people and have booths in the fall, but I also want time to develop new skills and do some charity knitting. So it is about striking that balance.
4.      To be more organized – I am continuing on my life changing journey to organization.
5.      To learn to sew -  I have a new sewing machine, now how to use it?
6.      To be healthier – I know, everyone in the country has listed this as a resolution.  But while I do want to shape up, I just want to eat better and exercise more often.  I want to keep better care of myself.
7.      To say yes - I found this quote on pinterest, and the more I thought about it, the more it struck a cord with me.  The saying was, “Say yes, unless you have sound reasons to say no”   This is about taking opportunities, chances, and really living your life to the fullest. 
I think seven is enough.  Happy New Year, friends.  Good luck with your resolutions!

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  1. Brittany, I am very proud of your reading tally! I wanted to work through about 20 books last year, and only got through about 8! I'm a slow reader. :/ Good luck on keeping your resolutions this year!