Friday, January 20, 2012

One Down

Well, it is January 20th and I have already crossed off one thing on my resolution list.  I wanted to learn a new knitting skill, and I did.  I signed up for a knitting class just before Christmas.  I was very excited to learn that my teacher would be Steve.  Steve taught me how to make socks, and he is a really good teacher that teaches you concepts and skills rather than just teaching you how to read the pattern at hand.

Like any real class, there was homework.  It was simple homework.  It was to do a knit 2, purl 2 ribbing, and the straight knitting until the piece is ready for the Fair Isle portions.  I really enjoyed working with this yarn.  It knitted so well.  It is only sold in neutral colors, so I think it was a yarn that I would have overlooked if it had not been for the class. 

Now, here is the official definition of Fair Isle.

Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, that forms part of the Shetland islands

It is knitting with two colors at one time.  During the class I learned to carry the second yarn in my right hand, while my main color was simultaneously in my left hand.  It took awhile to get the hand motions right, but I did it.

Last night was the second and final night of the class.  At as the end of class was approaching, I was anxious to finish.  I knew I was so close.  And then it happened.  I finished my first Fair Isle project. 
Now this is a picture of the backside, when you carry two yarns at the same time, it creates floats.

Are you ready for the final project with the right side facing. 
Drum Roll, please!

I am in love with this, and I am very proud of myself. 

One thing is completely crossed off my New Year’s Resolution list.  I have been going to gym this week.  And Kacee is coming by tomorrow to help me starting organizing my master closet.  (Pray for her.)  So I am making progress on most things on my list.  However, the nail biting is not getting any better.  But, hey, I am not wonder woman!

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