Monday, February 6, 2012

Epic Post Fail

Well, today was going to be an amazing blog post.  I was going to post about the massive organization project that was completed this weekend.  But Kacee has the pictures for that, and you really have to see it to believe it.   I was going to post a tutorial on how to make your own headboard, but I ran out of time this weekend, so it did not get done.  I did buy the fabric, so that post is coming.  I was going to post about my healthy and delicious Super Bowl snacks.  But at the last minute, we made plans to play Keno and watch the Super Bowl with friends.  So the snacks didn’t get made.  You see, how this was going to be an epic post, but now all I have to post about is plants.   I know, Lame.
But houseplants for Justin and I are a big deal.   We have talked about getting plants, but couldn’t decide of which ones to get, where to put them, or how to keep them alive.  So we just kind of tabled the idea of houseplants for awhile.

 For my birthday this year, Holly gave me an orchid.  I love flowers.  I really do,   this was the perfect gift.   I say, was, because it has died.  But it lasted 5 months.  I research how to take care of it, and I think I did a pretty good job.   There are some things that I will do differently this time around.  But I think as a first effort at keeping something besides me, my husband, and my cats alive, it was a total success. 
We found some houseplants on sale this weekend at Home Depot.  We were careful to pick plants that the flower expert said, “you could not kill”.  She said this, and we bought the plants.   Yes, we intend to hold the flower expert lady personally responsible if these plants die.  I have done the initial research on how to keep these plants alive, and it seems pretty easy. 

But ask to see my plants in 5 months, and we will see if this was a success!

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