Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

When I met Justin, I had no idea the part he would play in my life.  I had been slyly spending time with him at church.  And it is true, that Justin’s church attendance increased by leaps and bounds, and I now believe that I had something to with that.
Although in the beginning, I was looking for a boyfriend.  I wasn’t looking for one in Justin.  I had a major crush on someone else.  This other guy was smart, cute, and a Christian.  That combo is hard to come by when you are in high school.  I was sure that this was the someone special that I had been praying for.  I was sure that God wanted us to be together forever.  God, obviously, had a different idea.
I needed a date to the band dance.  So I asked Justin to be my date on November 26, 2003.  And that same night, Justin asked me to be his girl.  And I said yes.  I thought it was a fair exchange. 
I would say that I started to feel differently around August of 2004.  We had been together just 3 mos. shy of a year.  It was then that I told Justin, I love you.  Now Justin had told me million of times that he loved me, and I always replied, I love you, too.   But this time, I said it first and then I cried.  I cried, because I felt it and I knew I meant it.
Fast forward years and years. Through graduations, through internships, through different jobs, through new homes, through a wedding, and an amazing first year of marriage.
Today, we have been together for 3,002 days, and I cannot imagine my life without him.  No, it hasn’t always been fun and easy.  But I can say that it all has been worth it.  I have never met someone who understands me so completely and makes me so happy.   After 3,002 days, I still miss him while I am at work.  I still get jealous.  I still get excited to spend time with him. 
He is my Valentine, and I feel very lucky that I am his. .

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