Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wrapping up Loose Ends

Today is my Friday!!  I feel a bit chipper about that.  Today after work, Justin and I are headed to Alabama.  My sister is cooking a late dinner tonight, and then in the morning.  Probably very early in the morning, if I know my dad, we are headed to the campsite.  So I will be in the woods for three days.  But before I leave, I wanted to tie up some loose ends.  Didn’t want my readers to be on the edge of their chair for four days!!  So here are some of the projects that I have been working on in the past few days.
The first one is the glass etching project.  I have been thinking about this for awhile.  I watched youtube videos and read the instructions, and I really thought, “Hey, I can do this”.  So the day before my birthday, Holly and I went to Michaels to get some yarn and I bought this kit.  It was originally $32.00, so I waited until I had a 40% off coupon and it was a special occasion.  It was my birthday trip to Michaels, so I splurged! 

So over two months later, I get around to opening up the kit and trying this out.  I rewatched the youtube videos, and still felt very confident about doing this.  The first step is to prepare the glass you planned to etch.  That includes cleaning the glass, choosing the stencil, and taping down the areas that you don’t want etch.

Then you brush on the etching cream; let it sit for about a minute or so.  And then you wash it off with lukewarm water.  Pretty easy, right?   It actually really was.  Now, I know it doesn’t look perfect, but I think for a first attempt, it looks pretty dang good.  I need more glass to practice on.  I am going to the Dollar Tree to get some more glass to perfect my etching skills.  I am thinking etch Christmas ornaments are in my future, but I will keep you posted.

The second is my monster baby blanket.  I have been working on making things for the craft table that Yarn Fairies is setting up at the Holiday in Smokerise Festival on December 3rd.  Nice plug there, hunh?  But I really wanted to work on a blanket.  I haven’t done one since the one I made for my sister, and I have been itching to do another one.  I had a bunch of the variegated yarn (that is the multi- colored purple and green yarn), so I thought I would make a cute little baby blanket,   I don’t know if I screwed up on my initial chain count or what.  But after five or six rows, I realized that this was not going to be a small baby blanket.  I kept hoping that it would all work out, but it didn’t.  I quickly ran out of the variegated yarn and had to quickly come up with other ideas on how to turn long strip of crocheted yarn into a blanket.  So I Just kept adding yarn, and this is what I ended up with.  It is ALMOST finished.  I have to do some finishing work, but that is it.  I like it. 

I am trying to get more creative in the photographing of finished projects, so bear with me.  But I was in a hurry this morning, and this was the best I could do.  On our balcony, on my rocking chair.  I was anxious to get to Panera for breakfast to start this wonderful (my) Friday.

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