Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1,296 Legos

I know what you are thinking... what does this have to do with homemaking?  How about this?  Creating an environment where play and creativity abounds is an essential part of being a successful homemaker.  Yeah, I think that is a bunch of hooey, too.  How about this?  Recently it has been brought to my attention that cleaning is actually a big part of homemaking, and this will show how easy it is for me to neglect those duties.  Um...That is not quite right either.  Oh well, maybe my two readers, or dare I say, three readers will understand and enjoy.
This all started when Justin picked me up for lunch.  A walk through Target led to a very heated discussion on Legos.  It started with us discussing which was better, the regular blocks or the Lego sets.  It ended with Justin questioning my creativity. And me revealing that I did not actually have Legos while growing up, and my whole argument was based solely on speculation.  Justin did not take this very well.  It seemed to baffle him, that a toy that was such a big part of his childhood had not even been present in mine. 
Three hours later. I get a text that says we are going to go buy Legos.  Justin had been selling some video games over the past couple of weeks and had decided to use the profits to buy us Legos.  After work, we head to Toy R Us and find a special deal going on.  Buy two sets, get the 3rd FREE.  In case you are from another planet, I will tell you.  Legos are expensive, so this is an incredible deal.  I picked up my Legos immediately.  Justin took forever to pick out the other two.  I let him choose two sets since he was the official Lego expert and I was a mere amateur.    Here are the spoils for our Toys R Us Trip.  Yes, the pink box is mine.  I was sold as soon as I found out it came with a horse!

We immediately got to building.  Justin suggested that we build according to the instructions first and then go from there.  Him being the expert, I listened.

I ended up with a barn and a horse pulling a wagon of flowers.

Justin completed a very intricate log cabin complete with a fireplace inside.

Then Justin came over and started playing with my blocks. He made this...  

This is me in my pink car picking up a coffee from Starbucks!  And then Justin and I created a garden. 

Needless to say, the laundry got put off one more night.  And dinner was simple and late. And I didn’t do anything on that blanket that I needed to work on.   But in my house, that is okay.  Some things, like legos, just can’t wait.

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