Monday, September 26, 2011

Breakfast for Two

Lessons come in all shapes and sizes.  You always have to be ready to learn something new.  Saturday morning, my lesson came from my husband and it came in the shape of a heart.
Breakfast is a common thing at our house. This girl has got to eat breakfast!  And I always seem to wake up first on Saturday morning, despite my intentions to sleep in. I blame my lack of sleeping in on growing up in my father’s house; his idea of sleeping in is rolling out of bed at 6:30.  And in fact, he did call me on this Saturday at 7:15 informing that if I wanted a worm I needed to get up.  “The early bird gets the worm” has to be one of my dad’s favorite sayings.  But all that is off topic. 
Back to breakfast.  Sometimes on Saturdays, I grab my Kindle and sneak out to Panera for a breakfast all to myself.  Other times, I try to lure Justin out of bed with the smell of bacon.  But this Saturday was different; Justin was up before I was.  And when I woke up, he recited a menu for the morning.  I could have scrambled eggs and crab meat or eggs benedicts.  I chose the latter.  I wanted to eat some pork or hog as you may call it.  I knew that the Crimson Tide would treat themselves to the same that afternoon.  Again, off topic.
Back to breakfast. The lesson I learned on Saturday and now will pass on to you, in case you do not know.  How to Poach an Egg. 
You start with a pot filled with water.  Put in a dash of vinegar to help the eggs congeal.  You do not need the heart, but Justin saw a great way to use that cookie cutter that I had to have and have yet to use.

Allow the water to almost boil and crack the egg into the cookie cutter.  Cover and let sit for about 4 minutes. Super Easy. Then just stack the egg, Canadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce up on your buttered English muffin.

Justin thought of everything.  We had a delicious breakfast complete with mimosas.  What a great way to start a Saturday!!

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