Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall is Almost Here!!

One of the biggest reasons I love Atlanta is because Fall is so beautiful here.  It was almost like I didn’t notice the season until I moved here.  In Alabama, the heat kills everything and the leaves are left mostly brown and dead looking.  But in Atlanta that is not the case, the leaves are filled with color and it paints the most beautiful backdrop to the impressive skyline.
Another thing that I have experienced only since moving to Atlanta is allergies.  I get them when there is going to be a significant shift in the seasons.  For a few days before Spring is about to breakthrough, I feel cruddy and my allergies and sinuses are all messed up.  When Fall is around the corner, the same thing happens.  So Fall is very close, for today I have the crud.  I figure it is a small price to pay for the beauty of Fall, so I always welcome the arriving and the departure of the crud.
With the arriving of Fall, there are some changes that I need to make around our house.  I have decided to save the pumpkins until October, but I need to change my wreath.  My mother-in-law, Terri, gave me a beautiful wreath for Spring. 

I love it so much that I have left it up through Summer as well. But it is time for it to be replaced.  I decided in the spirit of homemaking, that this year I would make our wreath. 
First I bought the materials....  The wreath and flowers were on sale at Michaels, so I only spent $5.50.

When doing these kinds of projects, I always find myself with TOO much help...

The picture does not do it justice, and I am very happy with it.

On my way to work this morning, I paid very special attention to the trees.  They are still mostly green, but I can see where bits of color are starting to develop.  Fall is close, and I am pumped!

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  1. The wreath turned out gorgeous Brit! You should think about making some more to sell at the shows along with your other stuff.