Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have been reading the blogs of others for quite some time now.  And I have always toyed with the idea of writing one.  But my initial questions were always the same.  What do I have to blog about?  And who would care enough to read my blog?  After much thought, I have great answers to both of those questions, and so here I am starting a blog.
What do I have to blog about?   Although I am professional woman working a full time job, I still want to be a homemaker.  I want to cook dinner for my husband.  I want to make gifts for my friends and family.  I want to decorate our home for the seasons and holidays.   So I am taking the stereotype of homemaker and putting my very modern twist to it, and this blog will show the results.   Btw, I do not consider cleaning to be on my homemaking journey but merely a means to keep a clean environment in which I can create stuff.
Who would definitely read my blog?  My husband? – Probably not.  He is already a very loyal follower of several wrestling and video game sites.  More than likely, he was around for the initial event, so it is doubtful that he would want to catch the recap.  My sister? Ehhh. Maybe.  But she is very busy with school, her friends, and JB.  I definitely think she will read it from time to time, so that is progress.  My mom?  Yes, she will definitely read it.  Not only would she read it, because she has to as my mom, but I think she would want to.  I like to keep abreast of what is going on in my mom’s life and this is an easy way for her to keep up with me at her convenience.  Plus, she will probably get a big kick at some of my cooking adventures.  Who knows? I probably have other family members and friends that would like to read it.  The sky is the limit.
So now I have a reason and a purpose to blog.  So here goes nothing.  Stay tuned and Stay classy. 

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